We Empower Business Owners 

At Arise Business Solutions, our mission is to empower business owners by helping them reclaim their time, sharpen their focus, and pave the way for their path to business success.

We do this by implementing sound strategies and planning, enabling your team to work seamlessly while enjoying a simplified, more efficient system. Through our expertise, we empower your staff with systems that boost productivity and drive sustainable growth.

Our People

Rob Laidlaw - Principal Consultant

Rob Laidlaw, the visionary behind Arise Business Solutions, excels in consultation, implementation, and training services. His passion lies in simplifying the lives of business owners, granting them the freedom to prioritise what truly matters. With a dedicated focus on your success, Rob seamlessly integrates software solutions to streamline your daily operations.

As a trusted advisor to our clients, Rob is focused on delivering enhanced business value. His approach reduces costs while improving operational efficiency and productivity. Rob brings a wealth of experience in the IT sector, covering various disciplines and organisations.

"Being involved early in the process allows me to assist your business in making informed decisions along the way. This alleviates the typical pressures associated with developing new systems, giving you more time to focus on your core business activities."

Rob spends his ideal weekend with his wife and three kids in Sumner – on the beach, in the hills, or kiteboarding on the estuary. 

Our Values


We are present and attentive, ensuring you receive the attention you deserve. We trust your skills and insights, never making assumptions. Our collaborative approach empowers your journey to success without imposing unnecessary tools or advice.


We're committed to adding value by providing clear, concise information for well-informed business decisions. Attention to detail is our constant pursuit.


We thrive on teamwork and embrace change. Our flexibility and patience extend to our team and clients alike.


Proactivity defines us as we seek innovative solutions, always aiming to exceed expectations. We uphold our commitment to time, urgency, and meeting deadlines without compromise.

At Arise Business Solutions, these values underpin our commitment to your success.

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Why Choose Arise Business Solutions?

Proven Expertise: 

Benefit from our years of experience and a track record of helping businesses succeed.

Personalised Solutions

We tailor our services to your unique needs, ensuring a custom-fit approach.

Comprehensive Offerings: 

Access a full spectrum of services, from coaching to digital efficiency solutions, all under one roof.

Passion For Your Success

Our mission is to give you back your most precious resource - time, and help you regain confidence and clarity.

Our Zoho Expertise Sets Us Apart 

What distinguishes Arise Business Solutions is our team's extensive experience with Zoho software. Each of our team members has a background in using Zoho within their own businesses, establishing a solid understanding of its effectiveness. Additionally, we operate our entire business using Zoho software.

This expertise ensures that our recommended business software solutions are not only well-vetted but also tried and tested within our own workflows. As a remote team from our inception, we comprehend the intricacies of flexible work hours, the challenges, and the opportunities in today's dynamic business landscape.

Our commitment to Zoho extends beyond familiarity; it's about fostering a collaborative and efficient workplace. When you partner with Arise, you gain access to a team that not only recommends Zoho solutions but actively employs them to enhance our own productivity and collaboration. We lead by example to deliver optimal results for your business.

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