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Arise Consult is where we start working with your business to define its needs.

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The key to success is understanding your business. We always start by gathering as much information as we can from key stakeholders. 

This allows us to clarify your direction, understand your requirements and ensure we’re on track for success.

The core of Arise Consult is business requirements gathering.


This process involves identifying and documenting the requirements and expectations of all stakeholders involved in your business. It is a key component of the software development life cycle, where the needs, expectations, and limitations are identified to ensure that the project meets the desired outcomes. Read more about business requirements and why it is crucial to spend time defining them here.

The core steps in the process:


You and your business


Your fundamental processes and information flows


Insights informing solution ideas


Your needs and goals


An action plan outlining your next steps to business success

Discover much more...

Time, efficiencies, business improvements and team collaboration.

What's involved?

Arise Consult involves a Discovery Workshop with key members of your team to review your business operations, systems, and software. If you find yourself getting bogged down in the day-to-day running of your business, it can be challenging to review and assess these critical aspects on your own.


Our team facilitates a comprehensive review of your business to provide a broader perspective and gain valuable insights that align your business goals with strategic software solutions. This holistic approach ensures that we thoroughly evaluate your current operations and systems, identify areas for improvement, and develop a plan to enhance your business's efficiency and effectiveness. With Arise Consult, you can streamline your business processes and leverage technology to achieve your objectives.


Don’t worry!
We provide training and support to help create a positive shift from any negative experiences your team might be having with your current software systems.
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