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Modern organisations can no longer operate without ​active and competent use of technology. 

We discovered the main operations challenges most businesses experience these days.

Efficient Customer Service

As a business owner, I know how important customer service is to retain existing clients and to ensure we get great referrals. 

They need an easy way to let you know about problems or ask questions if they need help. 

We get so many repeat requests that we need to easily streamline our responses so that the messaging is consistent, and our customers can also help themselves without having to wait for us.

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Managing projects can be a nightmare using spreadsheets with multiple versions, and formulas which can break or get deleted accidentally. 

Project management software can be expensive and difficult to use, but we need detailed task assignment and tracking to keep on top of deadlines even when staff are working remotely.

Staff productivity and efficiency are critical to ensure timely delivery within budget so that each job is profitable.

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Financial Management

Our customers appreciate detailed reporting and regular invoices so that they're aware of progress and do not receive unexpected bills.

There is a growing demand for real time reporting and in many industries it becomes an important requirement that can help you to obtain a competitive advantage.

Better organised and better managed finance means more accurate billing, better forecasting and better reporting.

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Do any of these challenges sound familiar?

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