Behind the Curtains

09.10.23 11:21 AM

Indian Ink's Theatrical Transformation

In the heart of New Zealand's thriving theater scene, Indian Ink, a visionary theater company founded by Justin Lewis and Jacob Rajan (MNZM), has made a lasting impression over 25 years. With 13 awards, critical acclaim, and sold-out shows, they've enriched over 510,000 lives with their culturally diverse theater experiences.


Indian Ink's magic lay in their ability to combine artful storytelling, mischievous wit, and theatrical charm that celebrated differences while uniting audiences through their shared humanity. Yet, their journey faced challenges – they had to sell tickets for their shows and depended on securing generous donations - they needed a robust database to manage it all.

"Before working with Arise we had no understanding of how Zoho should work or how to fix it. We couldn't get the support we needed. Rob took the time to understand Indian Ink's requirements and help prioritise them."

The Challenge

Back in 2016, Indian Ink embarked on a new chapter with Zoho, but it wasn't the smoothest start. At that time, the company consisted of only three individuals, and they lacked the resources to harness Zoho's full potential. They struggled to understand how the system should work, and were unable to find the support they desperately needed.


As if that wasn't enough, the world changed with the arrival of COVID-19. Indian Ink had to pivot towards digital marketing, and their data management challenges became even more pressing.


The Decision to Change

Amid these challenges, Indian Ink discovered a beacon of hope in Rob and Arise Business Solutions. Rob and his team took the time to truly understand Indian Ink's unique business and what they needed. It was a partnership that felt right – a partner who was more like an extension of their own team.


Choosing Zoho

But why Zoho? Indian Ink saw the need to transition from basic, manual processes to something integrated that could unlock the power of their data. Additionally, the fact that Zoho was an Indian-owned company resonated with the founders' values.

Setting Goals with Arise and Zoho

With Arise and Zoho in the picture, Indian Ink had clear objectives:

They wanted to understand how to use Zoho effectively for their theatrical company.

Their aim was to engage with their audience more deeply by capturing better data and offering personalised experiences.

Changes in privacy laws meant ticket data wasn't captured automatically anymore, so they needed to adapt.

Ultimately, they needed the tools to have more informed conversations with their patrons.


The Transformation Begins

Indian Ink embarked on their journey with Zoho One, which included Zoho CRM, Zoho Campaigns, Zoho Invoice, and Zoho Checkout. These were the core apps needed to support the business and it was decided to focus on using this tool set effectively before considering other applications in the Zoho One suite.

It was a pivotal time for the theatre company.


An Unexpected Twist

During this transformation, Arise and Indian Ink worked hand in hand to bring about significant changes. They integrated CRM with Campaigns for targeted marketing, introduced custom tracking, and automated workflows. The entire CRM setup received a complete makeover to meet Indian Ink's unique needs. Data security was non-negotiable, given the sensitive nature of the personal information they collected from patrons and the audience.


Overcoming Challenges

The transition from their previous Zoho setup was no small feat, especially considering the challenges with their previous service provider. Trust had to be rebuilt from scratch, but Indian Ink knew they were on the right path.


The Impact on Business

And then, the magic happened. Indian Ink became masters at targeting their audience.

Internal processes were streamlined, freeing up valuable time. Risk associated with staff turnover reduced.The newfound efficiencies allowed the team to spend more time on their creative endeavours.


The Positive Impact

Indian Ink's team found themselves with more time to focus on their art and less on administrative tasks. They discovered Zoho features they never knew existed, such as secure password storage, enhancing their ability to use Zoho more effectively and make smarter business decisions.


Data-Driven Decision-Making

Access to advanced analytics and reports provided Indian Ink with the essential tools they required to make well-informed and strategic decisions and allowed them to gain a deeper understanding of their patrons and audience characteristics, which has significantly contributed to their overall success.

Staying Ahead

In an industry where competition is fierce and audiences have a diverse range of options for theatre attendance, Indian Ink stands tall. They now have the confidence that comes with accurate, high-quality data they can trust.


The Happy Ending

In conclusion, the Indian Ink team's journey with Arise Business Solutions and Zoho was a transformative experience. Their advice to others contemplating a similar path is simple: "Do it!"

Finding the right partner, understanding the complexities of Zoho, and investing in their future resources have paid off. From initially hating Zoho to now loving it and using it by themselves, Indian Ink's story is one of successful transformation. The stage is set, and they are ready to shine brighter than ever before!

Their advice to others contemplating using Arise: 
​"Do it - using Arise has been a no brainer."

- Jude Froude, General Manager
- Naomi Campion, Development Manager

Indian Ink Team